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Cmn, people, don't go. I'll behave, promise.

Here it comes: my first blog entry in english. I wouldn't expect much: my spelling still sucks, I was left here all alone and have only stuffed animals to hug, so my motivation is close to none.

You left me here all alone, bastards! And NO, emails are not enough .... come back!

Jon is going home :(

So .... Marie left early in the morning, then I went with Jon to the airport and came back alone. So yeah, the trip sucked and the whole day sucked too.

at Narita, in front of McDonalds...

At least I have those to episodes of "24" I missed yesterday .....



Jon napisał/a:

Awesome, I can finally understand something on this page. I hope your english blog entries are well received, I know I'll keep up with them while they are around. Anyhow, where the hell do these people get the nerve to just leave you behind? For what its worth, I really miss being at saitama with you and the others. Anyhow, as long as you post something I can read, I'll be sure to leave these awesome comments. Until the next time... later

Dodany 30 sierpień 2006 12:59

veyDer napisał/a:

I must admit I'm starting to be a little jealous - you haven't feel gloomed when you had left us :P
Now you know, what we all here feel for almost a year ;)

But fear not! A nice cup of glogg (or mead if you prefer) and the hookah are waiting for you here to cheer you up :) All you have to do is come back to Poland ;P

Dodany 30 sierpień 2006 17:31

Pat napisał/a:

Ashka, come on, everybody came back to home. I know that doing things like other people is not always a good solution but maybe it is a brilliant idea ;))
We are waiting in Poland and you won't be sad here.

Dodany 30 sierpień 2006 19:23

ashka napisał/a:

I surely look forward to see you guys. Mead, water pipe and No-Bike-Trips policy would also be nice ;d

Dodany 30 sierpień 2006 20:02

Agat napisał/a:

Everybody forgot about No Sweat Privilege. :]

Have you missed snow v. much? We'll have plenty of it v. soon. :] Welcome in Poland, hyhy.

Dodany 30 sierpień 2006 23:47

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