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moving out soon


I'm moving out tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, they'll allow me to spend the 08.31/09.01 night here too, but WINAS will probably cut off my Internet tomorrow, so I decided to write All The Important Stuff tonight.

Natalia doesn't have Internet in her apartment, so I will probably be out of reach most of the time, both before and after a trip China. As I'm leaving my laptop in Japan, the best way to reach me is, guess what, an email. Gmail one, onegaishimasu.

I will cancel my cell phone tomorrow too, cell phone email will be gone together with the cell. Just start Gmailing me instead ;d


Now about China:
We're going to Hong Kong on September 2nd.

I will paste the whole trip schedule tomorrow, since I don't have a guide book right now. Cannot spell those damn city names without it....

I will TRY to answer emails while in China BUT it's China. It means Internet cafes are probably nonexistent in better half of places we're gonna be at. Live with that ;d

We're coming back to Japan on September 21st.
And I'm going back home on September 26th.

I spend a surprisingly nice day, listening to .hack OST (it's awsome, have it on my "must get" list ... I remember I saw it once cheap in Harajuku .... I hope it's still there, waiting for me), reading newspapers online, playing beatmania (IIDX 3rd style) and drinking tea :)

I also send an email to Austrian Airlines asking about my chances of receiving 'moving out ticket', a synonym of "bigger luggage allowance". Still waiting for reply....

Chinese Buffet-To-Go

I was going to show you those awesome Chinese Buffet-To-Go pictures Jon send me, but since I cannot link to Gmail pictures directly and I'm to lazy to upload them to flickr now, there will bo no pictures today :)

That's all, I'm going back to my beatmaniaIIDX game...



Pat napisał/a:

I wish you great trip to China.
Best regards
Trzymaj się !! :))

Dodany 30 sierpień 2006 22:39

Atem napisał/a:

Błyskotliwy komentarz na dziś :
Założę się że mój email nie dojdzie na czas :(( .
Cóż moja wina tak czy inaczej powodzenia i uważaj co jesz (ostatnio na CCTV widziałem ślicznie wyglądające rzeczy ale jak się dowiedziałem czym są to nie zabrałem się za obiad ;] ) .

Dodany 31 sierpień 2006 3:45

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