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I guess I shouldn't show it to you but then...

29 czerwiec 2007, 21:22| | Komentarze (6)

Since M-chan was going to move out of Warsaw by the end of the week (and she did, today :( ) we've decided to give mahjan one more try. The legend says that no one had ever survived more than 2 mahjan meetings with M-chan. That was my second, I'm not going to risk the third ;>

Well, Lidka won the first game, one grinning totoro named Spooky won another and then mahjan was forgotten .... it was Mario Kart time!. This game has great multiplayer and M-chan realy sucks at it ^_^

moi, playing

And guess what, all of our DS's are .... PINK! Muahahahah.

Next day we went to Akashia (Złote Tarasy) for sushi and Kirin (I would have never guessed I will miss Japanese beer) and played 押忍!闘え!応援団 till 3AM ;> It's good to be a geek among geeks.

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to make it short:

15 czerwiec 2007, 16:56| | Komentarze (3)

1. I have a new bike. I mean I FINALLY have a bike. It's nice, an red and WORKS like a dream (except the fact that I need to help make it work and it makes ME freaking tired).

2. M-chan is moving out of Warsaw. That sucks.

3. There's a chance I'll get a REAL job in REAL company.

And now I'm going OUT.

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Euro 2012 Mascot

11 czerwiec 2007, 10:40| | Komentarze (1)

maskotkana Euro 2012

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Pani Inżynier

6 czerwiec 2007, 16:18| | Komentarze (7)

Od dziś tak mnie tytułujcie. Howgh!

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