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Czyli zsyp z całego tygodnia.

nakopávanie sliepok

Fable 2 logo

Po pierwsze, gram w "Fable 2". To ta gra, której PETA przyznała nagrodę za grę najbardziej przyjazną zwierzętom (Most Animal-Friendly Game of 2008). Uzasadnienie obejmowało jedzenie w grze: spożywanie mięsa przesuwa bohatera w stronę Zła, natomiast jedzenie tofu czy selera (yuck) czyni go Dobrym i Czystym. Ot, cud kolejnej wegetariańskiej diety.
Uzasadnienie do nagrody nie obejmowało jednak losu licznych zwierząt, choćby nieodłącznego towarzysza głównego bohatera, psa, który, dobrze traktowany, odwdzięcza się wyszukiwaniem skarbów i szczekaniem na zagrożenia (Informuję, że i ja, dobrze traktowana, mogę poszczekać na zagrożenia).Tego samego psa można też rugać bez przerwy, głodzić, pozwolić mu kuleć do końca życia, a w czasie wolnym postrzelać do niego z rusznicy.

Najwyraźniej też członkowie PETA nie grają w gry dla osiagnięć (achievements, angielskie wiki), wirtualnych punktów dla których niektórzy dawno już stracili głowę. Osiągnięcia w "Fable 2" obejmują:

Chicken Kicker achievement

The Chicken Kicker

You, or a friend, kicked a poor, defenceless chicken. Good thing they have reinforced feathers.

Hunter achievement

The Hunter

So, proud of yourself? Big brave hunter killed an innocent rabbit? How do you sleep at night?

Pomijam wszystkie osignięcia związane z gromadzeniem srebrnych kluczy i zestrzeliwaniem głów gargulców -> by mieć ich komplet trzeba się czasowo zapisać do Kultu Cienia, którego rytuał wstąpienia obejmuje odgryzienie głów małym, słodkim, żółtym (=wielkanocnym) kurczaczkom. Crunch crunch.

PETA = People for Eating Tasty Animals ^^

Fable 2

A wracając do samej gry. Jest ładna, łatwa i przyjemna, zdeczko krótka, fabularnie średnia, miła dla ucha. Ale rozrwykę zapewnia odpowiednią, a przecież o to chodzi, no nie?

rozstroiłam się

Tak właśnie. Coś mnie nęka, tyle że jezcze nie wiem co.

Może to czas na Wielkie Zmiany i Poważne Decyzje. A może samo przejdzie.

Got visa? (new hobby idea)

10 years multiple entry U.S. visa. Not that I'm gonna need it after Spring training. Still, it's nice to finaly get something may are denied. I guess I failed explotied immigrant worker test.

China visa is next on my list.

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I got Compiz running properly

6 styczeń 2008, 23:03| | Komentarze (1)

And now I can't stop playing with it ;P It's like in those good ol' Beryl days...

spin, Cube, spin

Background photo of Tokyo by Wit

While I was at it I did desktop PrtScr too. Cute, desune? CUTE! (And YES, I really like the game.)

my current desktop

That leaves me Anthy to fix and I'll be ready for anything.

BTW Wish me luck tomorrow!

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I guess I shouldn't show it to you but then...

29 czerwiec 2007, 21:22| | Komentarze (6)

Since M-chan was going to move out of Warsaw by the end of the week (and she did, today :( ) we've decided to give mahjan one more try. The legend says that no one had ever survived more than 2 mahjan meetings with M-chan. That was my second, I'm not going to risk the third ;>

Well, Lidka won the first game, one grinning totoro named Spooky won another and then mahjan was forgotten .... it was Mario Kart time!. This game has great multiplayer and M-chan realy sucks at it ^_^

moi, playing

And guess what, all of our DS's are .... PINK! Muahahahah.

Next day we went to Akashia (Złote Tarasy) for sushi and Kirin (I would have never guessed I will miss Japanese beer) and played 押忍!闘え!応援団 till 3AM ;> It's good to be a geek among geeks.

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to make it short:

15 czerwiec 2007, 16:56| | Komentarze (3)

1. I have a new bike. I mean I FINALLY have a bike. It's nice, an red and WORKS like a dream (except the fact that I need to help make it work and it makes ME freaking tired).

2. M-chan is moving out of Warsaw. That sucks.

3. There's a chance I'll get a REAL job in REAL company.

And now I'm going OUT.

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Need to get some sleep...

3 marzec 2007, 0:58| | Komentarze (1)

We're going skiing tomorrow ... err ... today for LONG 14 days. Repeat after me: four-teen. Scary.

I'll probably check my mail from time to time, but wouldn't count on much jabber/msn activity on my side.

Wish me luck x_X

Need to get up in 5 hours .... hooray.

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Vengeful, paranoid, addicted to crises, the government survives...

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Vengeful, paranoid, addicted to crises, divided and mostly incompetent, the government survives mainly because the economy is strong and the opposition is feeble.

All the fuss about that quote made me go and look for orgins.

A good read. It shouldn't be this way....

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Americans are NOT stupid (with subtitles)

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Thx, senpai.


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2 listopad 2006, 12:28| | Komentarze (10)

It's snowing.


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the mystery of the worm

29 wrzesień 2006, 16:15| | Komentarze (4)

Still have jetlag, but managed to sleep until 6AM! I'm definitely getting better.

I've decided to fix my beloved Maszynka [マシヌカ], so making backups took most of my morning. Everything went fine until I decided it's time for drivers. Got them from Gigabyte web page, but me being me, I checked them for viruses anyway.

Found one in official Realtek driver. Great.

Soon afterwards I found yet another virus. Don't ask me, how it got there. Sure, I had to activate my Windows through Internet and then it only had Windows Firewall working, but the virus I found wasn't the one send through local networks.

It was Rontokbro.JB of Rontokbro family, an annoying worm with a stack of registry entries and modified autoexec.bat. Well, it wasn't that hard to remove - went to Safe Mode and wiped out the bastard together with my Task Manager (^_^) - but I still wonder how it got there.

There was a copy of it on a 2nd drive, on a partition with the unused Windows installation, so it had to be there before I reinstalled the system. At least that's how I'd explained it to myself :>

Lusia [Loohsha, ルーシャ]

My venus flytrap is much better now. I removed all the dead and dying leaves and put her outside, so she can bask in a sun while it last. Made some pictures too!



What cannot be eaten must be discarded ....


I'm still waiting for my TV being brought from the store. I moved all the fun stuff to the cellar, all it needs now is a TV (and a couch, and CERTAIN people to remove their dusty stuff from there :] ) and I can forget about the world completely.

I'll surely show my TV off when it'll finally reach home. ;d

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new cell: Samsung SGH-X680

28 wrzesień 2006, 19:45| | Komentarze (5)

Quite unexpectedly I have a jet lag: I'm half asleep early afternoon and cannot sleep after 3:30AM -_-. That kinda sucks.

BUT I have a new cell phone: red Samsung X680. I wanted something similar to my old Japanese cell, so when asked what I want I simply replied: "Clamshell, big screen". The company guy was relentless: "Maybe a camera? A radio? What about an mp3 player?".
"Nah, don't need those (I have a tone of play-gear, maaaaaan. ;d). Just a big screen clamshell, plz."
Poor guy, needed 5 minutes to apprehend it :)

Now I have it and since I'm awake since 3:30AM I couldn't help myself and took some photos. I did other things too ;d

clamshells are cute ;d

the new and the old: my cellphones

the old and the new

X680 is considerably lighter than Sony Ericsson's clamshell and is more slim too. But it's screen size is SMALL comparing to Japanese SE. Cannot have everything, they say.

I googled a bit and found some games I would gladly download for it: "Globulos" (Never played Globulos? Shame on you. ) and "Might & Magic". Who want to pay for it?

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back in good ol' Warsaw

27 wrzesień 2006, 17:23| | Komentarze (6)

And here I am.

I went through my room, cellar and my desktop computer and I want to cry. Or come back to Japan, if I would have a choice. Sweet goddess....

11 hours flight to Frankfurt was surprisingly short: whether due to company - Łukasz was on my flight and I had some really talkative Japanese ladies next to me - or new "Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2" game - it's hard to say, but I must admit it was the nicest long distance flight I had.

Lufthansa surprised us with really good lunch and not so good (no surprise here) dinner, but the service was exemplary.

Frankfurt Airport sucked and smelled bad, but flight to Warsaw, although delayed, was mercifully short.

Meet all the gang at the airport, thanks guys! I hope I can edit the movie before you'll post it on the net ;d

I'm going to get a TV and a new cell today. Will keep you updated.

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10 wrzesień 2006, 9:33| | Komentarze (3)

It's not a canal-lock. At least not here.

They call it SHIP-LOCK here.

Builders of the Great Dam cannot be wrong.... ;>

I would love to write more in english, but with my limited time I simply cannot repeat myself now. I will try to make it up for you LATER. Promise.

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6 wrzesień 2006, 13:02| | Komentarze (4)

I'm in internet cafe in Chongqing and guess what, I'm surrounded by Chinese Farmers!

Oh, yeah!

P.S. Couldn't add a Wikipedia link, since Wikipedia is either blocked here or simply doesn't work. Google it by yourselves ;d

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moving out soon

30 sierpień 2006, 21:39| | Komentarze (2)


I'm moving out tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, they'll allow me to spend the 08.31/09.01 night here too, but WINAS will probably cut off my Internet tomorrow, so I decided to write All The Important Stuff tonight.

Natalia doesn't have Internet in her apartment, so I will probably be out of reach most of the time, both before and after a trip China. As I'm leaving my laptop in Japan, the best way to reach me is, guess what, an email. Gmail one, onegaishimasu.

I will cancel my cell phone tomorrow too, cell phone email will be gone together with the cell. Just start Gmailing me instead ;d


Now about China:
We're going to Hong Kong on September 2nd.

I will paste the whole trip schedule tomorrow, since I don't have a guide book right now. Cannot spell those damn city names without it....

I will TRY to answer emails while in China BUT it's China. It means Internet cafes are probably nonexistent in better half of places we're gonna be at. Live with that ;d

We're coming back to Japan on September 21st.
And I'm going back home on September 26th.

I spend a surprisingly nice day, listening to .hack OST (it's awsome, have it on my "must get" list ... I remember I saw it once cheap in Harajuku .... I hope it's still there, waiting for me), reading newspapers online, playing beatmania (IIDX 3rd style) and drinking tea :)

I also send an email to Austrian Airlines asking about my chances of receiving 'moving out ticket', a synonym of "bigger luggage allowance". Still waiting for reply....

Chinese Buffet-To-Go

I was going to show you those awesome Chinese Buffet-To-Go pictures Jon send me, but since I cannot link to Gmail pictures directly and I'm to lazy to upload them to flickr now, there will bo no pictures today :)

That's all, I'm going back to my beatmaniaIIDX game...

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breakfast (lunch?) of the champions

29 sierpień 2006, 14:58| | Komentarze (4)

I'm on a mission to empty my fridge. It's 14 PM, haven't eaten anything until now.

Lunch of the champions.

How I miss polish beer ..... "Tyskie" especially. Mhmmmm

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Samba w Asakusa, Asakusa Samba!

26 sierpień 2006, 10:41| | Komentarze (6)

Ten naród słynie z przetwarzania zagranicznej papki na papkę lokalną, równie ciężko strawną. Tym razem dotknęło to festiwalu samby.

"Asakusa Samba Festival" odbywa się w Asakusa rokrocznie pod koniec sierpnia, zawsze w sobotę. Kilkugodzinna parada szkół samby to jednocześnie konkurs, zakończony kilkugodzinną "award ceremony".

Na miejsce przybywają TŁUMY, trzeba być więc odpowiednio wcześnie albo przygotować się na długotrwałe dopychanie się do pierwszego rzędu.


So yeah, we went to this Asakusa Samba Festival as we planned. A pity that without you all, though.

It was a samba festival Japanese style, which meant a lot of weird costumes, even weirder platforms and samba songs sang in Japanese. It was also crowded, but nothing a gaijin smash couldn't overcome.

As the dancers were moving constantly (damn them) most pictures came out blurry ^_^ I salvaged what I could, that got bored ;d

Enjoy anyway.


Czytaj więcej o "Samba w Asakusa, Asakusa Samba!"

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Cmn, people, don't go. I'll behave, promise.

25 sierpień 2006, 11:36| | Komentarze (5)

Here it comes: my first blog entry in english. I wouldn't expect much: my spelling still sucks, I was left here all alone and have only stuffed animals to hug, so my motivation is close to none.

You left me here all alone, bastards! And NO, emails are not enough .... come back!

Jon is going home :(

So .... Marie left early in the morning, then I went with Jon to the airport and came back alone. So yeah, the trip sucked and the whole day sucked too.

at Narita, in front of McDonalds...

At least I have those to episodes of "24" I missed yesterday .....

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